Call for Papers


General Co-Chairs: Gérard-André Capolino, Basile Kawkabani

Technical Program Co-Chairs: Aldo Boglietti, Rachid Cherkaoui, Mircea Radulescu, Luca Zarri



Scope of the conference includes technology advances in design, analysis, manufacturing and measurements for electrical machines and drives. Topics covered by the conference are based on the following tracks:

TPC1 - Classical rotating field machines (co-chairs: Emmanuel Agamloh, Giulio de Donato, Chris Gerada, Mircea Popescu, Juliette Soulard, Alberto Tessarolo)

Induction machines - Synchronous machines - Permanent magnet synchronous machines -Switched reluctance machines - Synchronous reluctance machines - DC machines

TPC2 - Innovative machines and actuators (co-chairs: Andrea Cavagnino, Akira Chiba, Julia Zhang)

Fractional slots machines - Linear machines – Levitation/launching - Micro & nano machines – Piezo actuators - Electrostatic actuators - High speed machines - Direct drives

TPC3 - Electrical drives (co-chairs: Radu Bojoi, Fernando Briz, Marko Hinkkanen, Yen-Shin Lai)

Sensorless control - Modulation techniques - Vector control - Direct torque/power control- Flux & power control - Fault tolerant control

TPC4 - Design and related problems (co-chairs: Gerd Bramerdorfer, Andreas Krings, Rafal Wrobel, Thomas Wu)

Materials (insulation, magnetic and supra) - Thermal, losses & efficiency issues - Field computation - Analytical design - Optimal design – High frequency effects

TPC5 - Condition monitoring, diagnosis and testing (co-chairs: Antonio Cardoso, Sang-Bin Lee, Elias Strangas, Thomas Wolbank)

Monitoring and diagnosis - Fault detection - Measurements/instrumentation – Testing and standards - Noise and vibration problems – High frequency effects



Tutorials will be organized on September 4, 2016. The registration is mandatory but free of charge for individuals having paid registration fees to ICEM’2016. A minimum number of registered attendees (5) is required in order to open one tutorial. Submissions have to be sent to the Tutorial Co-Chairs before January 15, 2016.