Student Forum

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You will find herewith the program of the ICEM2016 Student Forum. Plese do visit the area during your stay in Lausanne.


# Author Name Title
1 Kia Kimiabeigi On design of a low cost high performance traction motor with ferrite magnets and aluminium windings
2 Adrien Gilson Design and optimization of high-speed machines for electrically assisted turbocharger
3 Alexandru-Ionel Constantin
Study of the evolution of two faults in squirrel-cage induction motor based on finite element analysis of harmonics of the neighbouring magnetic field
4 Andreas Lindner Design of a flux switching permanent magnet machine with large air-gap
5 Ayoub Ben Nachouane Numerical analysis of aero-thermal behavior of automotive electrical machines using CFD-based methods: RANS and LES
6 Chen Lei Self-sensing design and control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines
7 Frédéric Maurer
Electrical effects in windings of large AC machines – application to DFIM
8 Hossein Dehnavifard
Development of a scaled doubly-fed induction generator for assessment of wind integration issues
9 Ioannis D. Chasiotis
Research Work Summary (during 1-Year study period)
10 Jaime Renedo Anglada Modelling of non-traditional permanent magnet machines for direct drive applications
11 Jemimah Connie Akiror
Rotational Core Losses in Large Hydro Generators
12 Jesus Corral-Hernandez
Advanced transient currents analysis for rotor fault detection in induction motors operated by soft starters
13 Karl Buhagiar Fault Detection in Slow Rotating Permanent Magnet Generators
14 Mario Porru Management and control of energy storage systems for stationary and automotive applications
15 Mattia Rossi
Latency effect in a variable speed control on torsional response of elastic drive systems
16 Mladen Terzic
Design of High-Speed, Low-Inertia Induction Motor with Drag-Cup Rotor
17 Nikita Uzhegov
Design of the High-Speed Rotating Electrical Machines
18 Sabin Sathyan Open source based multi-physical analysis and magneto-vibro-acoustic computationsof electrical machines
19 Sana Ullah
Permanent magnet assisted segmental rotor switched reluctance for aerospace application
20 Sebastian Vasile Ciceo
Model-Based Design and Testing for Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Driveability  Analysis
21 Seyed Milad Kazemi Sangdehi
Investigation of Field to Armature Slot Area Ratio on Torque Ripple in HEFS Machine
22 Udochukwu B. Akuru
Flux switching machine technology for medium-speed geared wind generators
23 Vahid Ghorbanian A statistical solution to efficiently optimize the design of an inverter-fed permanent magnet motor
24 Witold Pawlus
Design and Analysis of Electric Powertrains in Offshore Drilling Applications
25 Xiaofeng Zhu
Torque Ripples Minimization in Flux-Switching PM Machines
26 Jonas Kristiansen Nøland
Rotating Brushless Outer Pole PM Exciters for Synchronous Generators
27 Antti Lehikoinen
Efficient numerical analysis of electrical machines




For the third time, a Student Forum will be organized. It will consist in a competition for student posters and a meeting between students presenting their curriculum and companies offering job opportunities.

Deadline for poster submission has been postponed to July 20, 2016.


Conditions to participate to ICEM’2016 Student Forum

  • To be MSc or PhD student duly registered or a post-doc graduated less than 2 years before September 1, 2016.

  • To pay one student or full registration fees for ICEM'2016.

  • To prepare a personal poster (format provided) summarizing the entire research work along the graduation period (one author per poster).

  • To prepare one page CV (PDF format) to be put close to the poster.

  • To be ready for interviews by companies attending ICEM'2016.

The three best posters will receive the ICEM Jorma Luomi Student Forum Award during the closing ceremony. The participation to ICEM'2016 Student Forum does not exclude to present regular or special session papers to the conference.


The poster template can be downloaded herewith (PPT3) and it has to be sent in the same format.


Please send the two documents in attached files to the ICEM’2016 Student Forum Co-Chairs:

Dr. Metin Aydin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Dr. Mohamed Boussak (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Dr. Shahin Hedayati Kia (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)