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Modus Operandi of the ISC




The operation of ICEM shall be administered by an International Steering Committee (ISC), the composition of which shall be as follows:


a)     The International Chairman, being the official representative of ICEM

b)    The Vice-Chairman

c)     The International Secretary

d)    A number of Members.

e)     The past International Chairmen of ICEM as Consultants

f)      Corresponding Members, appointed in order to maintain communications and to aid the promotion of ICEM in selected geographical areas. 


 The total number of members, excluding the Consultants, shall not exceed 20.


The normal term of office of each member and officer is 8 years. This can be extended in individual cases if agreed by the ISC.


The International Chairman, Vice-Chairman, International Secretary, Members and Corresponding Members are elected by the existing Members of the ISC.


At a time approximately halfway through the International Chairman`s term of office the International Chairman will call for nominations, from amongst the existing Members,  for the office of Vice-Chairman. The appointment of the Vice-Chairman will be determined at the next meeting of the ISC. When the International Chairman retires from office, the Vice-Chairman will succeed to the post of International Chairman.


The Consultants and the Corresponding Members do not have voting rights on the ISC.


The general purposes of the ISC are:


·        To determine the general policies of ICEM

·        To elect its members

·        To decide the venues of future conferences

·        To supervise the on-going conferences and to issue guidelines to ICEM conference organizers


 The duties of a member of the ISC are:


1.     To actively promote ICEM in his country or region.

2.     To encourage persons and organizations to participate in ICEM

3.     To participate in ICEM and to attend meetings of the ISC

4.     To review abstracts when requested

5.     To chair conference sessions when requested

6.     To assist in updating the mailing list

7.     To undertake such tasks as may be requested by the ISC or its International Chairman