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ICEM NEWS                                                                             22/01/2006


ICEM papers are now indexed by INSPEC

ICEM  papers will be indexed by IEEE Explore

ICEM’2004 Papers Published in Journals

Past ICEM Proceeding

New ICEM ISC Members

ICEM 2006 is held in Chania, Crete Island, Greece

Opening Address at ICEM 2006 International Chairman Prof. Brian Chalmers

Closing Address of Professor Chalmers at ICEM 2006

International Chairman Prof. Brian Chalmers

Improvements in ICEM Organization

New International Chairman Prof. Gerard Capolino





ICEM papers are now indexed by INSPEC.

An agreement has been reached with IEE INSPEC to include ICEM proceeding papers in the INSPEC index. At this stage, beginning with ICEM’2000 proceedings, all proceeding papers may be reached via INSPEC website.



ICEM  papers will be indexed by IEEE Explore.

A first for ICEM! An agreement has been reached with IEEE, to include ICEM’2006 papers in the IEEE Explore data base. It is planned to pursue this a arrangement for the future meetings. In this manner we are hoping that ICEM Conference papers will be more noticeable and will be referenced more.



ICEM’2004 Papers Published in Journals

Selected papers, from ICEM’2004 proceedings have been published in various journals

20 papers are published by COMPEL in Vol.2, No.5 and Vol.2, No.6
21 papers in IJET
20 papers in ELECTROMOTION Vol.12 No.2-3, 2005
41 papers in a book by Springer “Recent Developments of Electrical Drives 2006”,

Thanks go to Prof. Wiak, chairman of ICEM’2004 for making this possible.



Past ICEM Proceeding

An effort is being made to digitize the papers from ICEM proceedings before 2OOO.
If this project succeeds it will be possible to reach these papers via ICEM website.



New ICEM ISC Members

Prof Jack (UK), Prof. Muta (JAPAN) and Prof Karmaker (CANADA) retired from ICEM ISC. We would like to express the gratitude of the ICEM community for their services.

During ICEM 2006 meeting of Chania ICEM ISC approved the appointment of the following new members Prof. Peter Tavner (UK), Prof. Carlos Lemos Antunes (PORTUGAL), Tom Jahns (USA)

The list of present ISC members may be reached by “clicking the steering committee” button on the left.




ICEM 2006 is held in Chania, Crete Island, Greece

Opening Address at ICEM 2006

International Chairman Prof. Brian Chalmers
Welcome to the 17th  International Conference on Electrical Machines:ICEM2006. To begin on a very positive note , it is a great pleasure to observe that our conference continues to go from strength to strength. The first ICEM was held 32 years ago, in London in 1974, and has taken place every 2 years since that time. It is now a quite mature event and its status as an international conference continues to rise.

The numbers of participants has grown from about 200 in 1974 to over 500, representing about 50 different countries. The number of papers presented at successive meetings has increased from just 68 in 1974 to over 500. In the process for refereeing submitted papers, efforts have been made to progressively raise the technical quality of the conference programme. This has resulted in ICEM being increasingly recognized as an important international conference. However, I do believe that further efforts have to continuously be made to raise the quality of accepted papers. This responsibility rests upon the International Steering Committee and particularly upon successive Local Organising Committees, to maintain an appropriate balance between standards and numbers
Following a second careful refereeing process, selected ICEM papers are now published in well-recognized international journals, thus demonstrating the high standing of our conference. I wish to acknowledge the hard work of Professor Wiak and his colleagues from Poland which resulted in 110 papers from ICEM 2004 being published in well known journals. Similar procedures will be followed for ICEM 2006.

It is my pleasure to report a number of additional developments which have been achieved recently. Following excellent work by ISC members Vice Chairman Gerard Capolino, International Secretary Bulent Ertan and Antonios Kladas, ICEM now has the status of recognition by two principal international institutions and the inclusion of ICEM Proceedings papers in two major databases.Thus, in continuation of our relationship with IEE, ICEM 2006 has the technical co-sponsorship of IEE. It has also been agreed with IEE that ICEM Proceedings papers will be included in the IEE database INSPEC.  In fact,  ICEM papers from our previous conferences in 2002 and 2004 conferences are already included in INSPEC.  I would like to express sincere thanks to Prof. Barrie Mecrow of Newcastle University for his contribution to these developments.  A further achievement is that ICEM 2006 has the technical co-sponsorship of  four societies of the IEEE. The logos of IEEE and of the four societies are included in material of ICEM 2006. It is my pleasure to report that arrangements have also been made for the Proceedings papers of ICEM2006 to be included in the IEEE database EXPLORE.

The membership of the International Steering Committee  continues to be rotated and  broadened. At our last meeting we appointed new members from Finland, Sweden and Romania. I look forward  to reporting further developments following the meeting of the ISC which will take place here on Monday. On a personal note, I would like to mention that I have decided to retire from the position of International Chairman at the end of this conference.

It is a great pleasure for us to be here again in Greece. This is, in fact, the second time that ICEM has been held in Greece as it took place in Athens in 1980. The Local Organising Committee for that conference was also chaired by John Tegopoulos and so he is the only person who has chaired two CEM conferences.

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we have now come to Crete, in view of its history, culture, special attractions and the social activities which are offered to us. I would like to extend a special welcome to the patrons, sponsors and official representatives at ICEM 2006, thanking them for their support and encouragement

On behalf of all attendees, may I extend our most sincere thanks to John Tegopoulos, Antonios Kladas and  members of the Local Organising Committee for all their hard work in organizing this conference. I think that only someone who has undertaken such a task can really appreciate the great effort which is required. I confidently forecast that, in just a few days from now, the organisers will have a great feeling of satisfaction as well as relief.

It is well known that ICEM has no central finances  and that the Local Organisers undertake their task at their own risk. Special thanks are therefore due to all sponsors and supporters who greatly assist the successful arrangement of the conference and enable the registration fees to be kept as low as possible.

Maintaining the strength of ICEM to which I already referred, this conference has 670 registered delegates.
823 abstracts were received and 527 papers in contained in the Programme. The ratio of about 64% demonstrates a suitably tough standard for acceptance of papers. As usual, papers will be presented in two different forms, oral and poster (or dialogue). The poster sessions offer a special opportunity for personal discussion with the authors. May I offer my congratulations to all the authors. I wish to stress that all papers  included in the Programme have equal status.

We also have 3 plenary sessions in which invited papers are presented. May I extend our thanks to the keynote speakers  for their efforts in preparing  their invited papers.

The official  language of ICEM is English but we all have  to be aware that English is not the first language of many participants. I  would therefore like to repeat the words which our founder Professor Arthur Ellison always included in his opening address: “ Would all authors please take care to speak slowly, clearly and distinctly when making their presentations”. I particularly draw this to the attention of speakers whose first language is English.

I now have great pleasure in declaring the Seventeenth International Conference on Electrical Machines open.




Closing Address of Professor Chalmers at ICEM 2006

ICEM 2006 is coming to an end.

Following the meeting of the ISC may I first announce changes to membership of the ISC, expressing grateful thanks to the retiring members Professors Jack (UK) and Muta (Japan). The new members are Professors Jahns (USA), Lemos Antunes (Portugal) and Tavner (UK).

You will have seen the leaflets about the next ICEM in 2008 which will be in Vilamoura, Portugal on 6-9 September. I now invite Prof. Carlos Lemos Antunes to give a short preview of ICEM 2008.

I can also announce the decision of the ISC  that in the year 2010 ICEM will be held in Italy, in Rome.

I wish to remind any persons or organizations who may be interested in submitting a  proposal for a future ICEM venue that details of the procedure for submission are given on the website.

I know, from personal experience, how the organizers of ICEM 2006 are feeling right now. After 2 years of detailed preparation suddenly, in a flash, its all over. This has been an excellent conference with a very comfortable venue, beautiful and historic location, high standard of contributions and excellent organization. We have benefited from the great experience of John Tegopoulos, Antonios Kladas and their colleagues, and the professional expertise of their collaborators. We thank them all. Let us show them our heartfelt appreciation.

i am now retiring from the position of International Chairman. May I sincerely thank all delegates and especially members of the ISC for their support over the past 6 years. I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Gerard Capolino from France as my successor. I am sure that he will continue the traditions and independence of ICEM. He also has the appropriate experience to carry forward 

further developments, particularly in the effort to continuously raise the standard of our proceedings.

So now ICEM 2006 is ended. We look forward to the next meeting in Portugal in 2008. May I thank you all for your participation and wish you a safe journey home.



International Chairman Prof. Brian Chalmers

retired from the position of ICEM ISC chairman. Thanks go to him for his long years of service to ICEM community.



Improvements in ICEM Organization

During the past 6 years a long way has been taken towards establishing a stronger foundation for ICEM,

a) “Modus Operand”  has been updated assuring ISC to be renewed more often accommodating new countries and colleagues.

b) ICEM web site has been established facilitating communication and information flow with the Electrical Machines Community.

c) ICEM proceeding contents and author addresses are made available at the web site to increase visibility of the ICEM papers.

d) Beginning with ICEM’2000, ICEM proceeding papers are included at IEE INSPEC database.

e) Beginning with ICEM’2006 ICEM is organized in collaboration with IEEE and the proceeding papers are included in the IEEE Explore database.

f) The conference proceeding format has been changed. Now, full papers are presented in CD format and for the convenience of the participants, also, a printed “ Book of Abstracts” is provided.

g) To assume successful meetings in the future, rules have been established for the local organizers.

h) Rules of application to organize an ICEM has been established.



New International Chairman Prof. Gerard Capolino

during ICEM’2006 meeting in Chania  

Prof. G. Capolino has been elected as the new chairman of ICEM ISC. We wish him a successful term of office.